Batch Imager

Batch Imager is a dedicated batch image processor. That means its main and only purpose is to silently execute a user-defined list of operations for many images at once. Where each operation is equipped with many options and parameters that you can tune to suit your needs.

Probably the most popular and most useful operations are Resize and Compress. Often you want to reduce the size of your photos before sending them to your friends or before you post them on the web. In Batch Imager you can simply set limits on the width, height and file size. When you run batch processing, the program will resize each image accordingly and only if necessary, while maintaining its original proportions. And if you enabled the Auto Quality option, the compression parameters will be automatically adjusted for each image individually so as not to go beyond the limits you specified.

Using Batch Imager is quite straightforward. First, you make up a batch of images by adding files and folders to a long list. Then you define a script - a simple list of actions to perform on each image. Each action in the script has its own dialog window where you can setup all necessary parameters. And finally you click Run to start execution. The program allows you to add more than one operation of the same type to a single list of actions. That is, for example, you can have many Resize and Save commands in your script. Thus, in one pass, you can create multiple variations of each original image with different dimensions and compression quality.

Please note, Batch Imager is still work in progress, so the set of available operations is rather limited. However, we intend to update it regularly by adding new operations and features. Stay tuned.

Target Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
License: free for non-commercial use

Please use the following license key to activate it: FRLA9YUK-44A55C5V-4KZH5RVQ-Q42YG2UT


  • Execute the same list of actions (resize, compress etc) for many images at once.
  • Fast parallel processing that fully utilize your modern multi-core CPUs.
  • Flexible file name generator for output files
  • Available operations include:
    • Resize
    • Flip and Rotate
    • Brightness and Contrast
    • Hue and Saturation (with Colorize option)
    • Auto Balance (RGB histogram adjustment)
    • Gaussian Blur
    • Unsharp Mask
    • Drop Shadow
    • Text Overlay
    • Image Overlay
    • Compress and save to JPEG, PNG or GIF

Note to JPEG Imager and E-Mage Processor users: This project complements and extends the functionality of JPEG Imager and supersedes now discontinued E-Mage Processor. When it is released, it will be available free of charge to all users who already purchased those programs.