These projects are no longer supported. They were superseded by other projects or their development was discontinued due to lack of demand or insufficient resources.

E-Mage Processor

A fully customizable image batch processor. It can automatically execute a user-defined set of operations for many images at once. Using this tool you can resample, rotate and flip your images, change their brightness and contrast, apply convolution filters (blur, sharpen), trim edges, place your logotype on every image, etc. E-Mage Processor can save you from a lot of routine work! All you have to do is to choose desired operations, set up their parameters and sequence of performing. Embedded sorting feature and flexible name changer make it possible to arrange your images by names, while JPEG compression algorithm helps you to save on disk space required for your image archive.

Download latest version: beta (2007-06-10) - ~ 1327 KB

E-Mage for Web

E-Mage for Web is a simple utility for creating HTML image galleries. It performs automatic generation of thumbnails (scaled-down versions of images) and places them on HTML pages by a specified template. Every thumbnail image can be hyperlinked to an original larger image. You can customize several parameters such as thumbnail dimensions, compression quality, border color and thickness and more. The program comes with several templates to choose from. You can edit them to fit your needs or create completely new templates, using regular HTML documents that match your site design. The high level of customization and ease of use make it a good choice for experienced webmasters.

Download latest version: (2004-04-04) - ~ 927 KB