E-Mage Processor


Screenshot E-Mage Processor is a fully customizable tool for batch processing of images. It can automatically execute user-defined set of operations for many images at once. To create a processing assignment, you should tell the program which operations and in what sequence it should perform. You can also set up those operations' parameters and decide where (in what folder), how (in what format) and with what names the program must place already processed files. Order and number of operations in the assignment are not limited.

E-Mage Processor is fitted up with powerful graphic operation set. It can transform and manipulate images in many ways. Using this tool, you can resample, turn and reflect your images, change their brightness and contrast, trim edges or, conversely, add extra border, smooth your images or increase their sharpness, place semi-transparent logotype, etc. You can also use the E-Mage Processor to convert many files to certain graphic format or just to mass-rename them with stereotyped names.

E-Mage Processor is capable to save you from a mass of routine work. It makes image processing simpler by far. Having once defined all the necessary parameters, you don't have to do it again for the next bunch of pictures. Every parameter is stored in a profile, which is an embodiment of separate processing assignment. You can recall any of them with pair of mouse clicks just before starting processing. For example, if you have to process an entire folder of images, you can just drag and drop the folder's icon on the program's icon and then select an appropriate profile in the appearing pop-up menu. Then you might be asked several simple questions by the program (e.g., where to place processed files) and, once it gets your response, the program starts processing. It is automatic and does not require any intervention from you. Now you can sit back and take a cup of coffee. Never a batch processing has been so easy!

Target Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/2k/XP


  • Simple, easy-to-use interface with drag and drop
  • Adjustable operation queue in the processing assignment
  • Variety of operations:
    • Resampling (linear or bicubic interpolation)
    • Contrast & Brightness change
    • Filter applying (blur, sharpen)
    • Conversion to grayscale
    • Cropping, Rotation, Flipping
    • Placing logo with adjustable opacity
    • Adding border (all-directional extending of image)
  • Powerfull JPEG compression algorithm
  • Replacing or omitting comments in the image file
  • Name-changer with flexible name format setup
  • Command line interface support
Version beta (June 10, 2007)
  • PNG file format support added.
  • New image processing commands added:
    • Clean up - noise reduction and compression artifacts removal;
    • Gaussian Blur - low-pass filtering (smoothing) with a given radius;
    • Unsharp mask - increases the local contrast (sharpness) of an image;
    • Negative - brightness and color inversion;
    • Tones - image adjustment in HSL (Hue-Saturation-Lightness) color space.
  • The Filter command renamed to "Apply Filter" and has some new filters at your disposal: Contours, Details, Edge Enhance, and Emboss.
  • New "Select Area" command allows you to define a rectangular image area for selective processing with subsequent commands; most of the commands support this feature now.
  • Added the ability to preview the result of executing the current sequence of operations, defined in the processing script, on a particular image when editing a profile.
  • Built-in image viewer has been improved.