JPEG Imager

Optimize the size and quality of your images.


JPEG Imager is a simple and easy-to-use interactive image compressor, primarily designed to help you find the optimal balance between visual quality and file size of your pictures and digital photos.

It provides various compression controls, a fast real-time preview and handy side-by-side comparison of an image before and after compression. You can fiddle with parameters and observe the effect almost instantly. It is also possible to specify the desired file size or compression ratio and let the program adjust the quality controls automatically.

Despite its name, the program is not limited to JPEG only. It can also compress to PNG and GIF. That allows you to easily compare which of the formats best suited for your pictures.

Additionally, the program offers a set of basic image manipulation and enhancement tools. With it you can resize and rotate an image, crop the edges, adjust brightness, contrast and color balance, enhance saturation and sharpness, put text or caption on a picture, and more. Virtually every tool comes with a real-time preview.

JPEG Imager may prove to be useful if you often work with scanned images or digital camera, or when you prepare your images for the Internet.

Target Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
License: free for non-commercial use

Please use the following license key to activate it: FRLA9YUK-44A55C5V-4KZH5RVQ-Q42YG2UT



  • Fast interactive compression to JPEG, PNG or GIF files.
  • Real-time preview of compressed image.
  • Various compression controls.
  • Synchronized Side By Side view.
  • Basic image manipulation and enhancing tools, including:
    • Resizing (with high quality resampling), cropping
    • Rotation/Flipping
    • Brightness, Contrast, Gamma correction
    • Levels adjustment
    • Color balance, Saturation and Tone adjustment
    • Negative transformation, Conversion to Grayscale
    • Convolution filters (Sharpen, Blur)
    • Cleaning (noise reduction)
    • Text Overlay
  • PNG: support for semi-transparency in palette-based images
  • Conversion from BMP, TGA, TIFF, PSD, PNG, PCD, DDS, JPEG 2000, HDR, EXR, etc.
  • Image acquisition from scanners and digital cameras.
  • Simple built-in batch processor and thumbnail generator.

JPEG Compressor

  • High compression ratio with good picture quality.
  • Separate quality controls for luminance and chrominance.
  • Flexible setup of color components subsampling.
  • Progressive mode supported (greatly improved since v1.01).
  • Selective extra-compression mode.
  • "Fit to file size" feature - automatic quality adjustment.
  • Optional retention of application specific data (such as EXIF) in APP1-15 marker segments.
  • The ability to edit or automatically replace embedded JPEG file comment.
  • Optional insertion of Restart Markers (integrity marks).