Affiliate Program

By participating in our affiliate program you will receive 40% of the price of any product purchased by your site visitors. There are no monthly or fixed costs to you.

Our affiliate program is powered by Share-it! (Digital River, Inc).

Share-it! affiliate system supports cookies. When you direct a customer to our site, share-it! can place a cookie containing your affiliate ID on the customer's computer. If the customer comes back later to buy a product, Share-it! will be able to determine using the cookie on the customer's computer that this customer was originally directed to this web site from your site. You will receive commission for the completed sale, even at a later date (up to 6 month).

Getting Started

Register here to create an affiliate account with Share-it!. Wait until your data is verified. This usually takes one business day. You will receive an e-mail informing you about your status.

Once your account is activated you can start placing links to our pages on your site. To create links, you can use the Generate Links tool in the Share-it! control panel. Make sure that you select the "Link to a different Web site" option and insert the URL of one of our product pages. Otherwise the links you create will point to the Share-it! pages, not our web site. The immediate sales will still be attributed to you, but if a visitor comes back later to buy a product, you will not receive your well-deserved commission.

In order to place a cookie with your affiliate ID, the link must look like this:[yourid]&publisherid=31511&target=[url]

You have to replace [yourid] with your affiliate ID and [url] with the page on our web site where you would like to send your visitors after following the link. For example, let's say that your id is XXXXX and that you want to send your visitors to the JPEG Imager's product page. The URL above now looks like this:

The cookie on the customer's computer remains valid for 6 months. If the customer makes multiple purchases during this time you will earn commission from all of them.

Receiving payments

share-it! sends out Payment Reports to affiliates on the 8th of the each month for the previous month's sales. Payment is then made on the 15th for the previous month's earnings, provided you reach the minimum payment amount of 100 EUR/USD or 70 GBP in commission earnings. If the minimum amount is not reached, the total is carried over to the next month. You can receive your commission by check or wire transfer in US dollars, euros or British pounds.